Myself Jeanette, and my husband Grant are the owners of Coromandel Cottages and we hope that you will love it here as much as we do.

We fell in love with the Coromandel Town whilst working as Property Managers at the Lead Foot Ranch in Hahei last year.

We dreamt of owning our very own piece of paradise that we could share with people, and now we have it. We have made a few changes to the property since taken it over about a year ago, however many more changes are underway, including a new BBQ area and some landscaped gardens.  We both love the old colonial style of the property and whilst renovating we are trying hard not ruin the character of the property which people instantly fall in love with.

We have two older sons who live in Auckland and often visit us to escape the rat race. Prior to working in the tourism industry, we both owned a successful printing business for 22 years, but decided that we wanted to enjoy nature more and make our dreams a reality.

We spent a year In between selling our printing business and working in Hahei, just travelling around New Zealand in a Motor home and meeting lots of interesting people, and so my passion for the Coromandel grew stronger and so did my love for meeting new people from around the world.

9.1 Rated by Guests
9.1Rated by Guests